Installment Plans For Repossessed Vehicle 

In the event that you cannot keep up with your vehicle monthly instalment and it is then being repossessed by banks, an affordable repayment plan can be achieved so that you will not get legal implications. At SG Debt Buster, our professional counselors can provide advice and guidance in obtaining an instalment and negotiating to have your payments adjusted to the minimal that you can pay your repossessed vehicle debt at ease.

If you are facing such a situation, please feel free to contact us for an appointment to provide you with more details on how to handle this matter appropriately.

why struggle ?

  • Vehicle Debt has always been an issue in Singapore and not surprisingly, it has been rising dramatically over the years. With rising oil prices, people will soon have trouble maintaining the fuel-thirsty vehicles. But as they don't have any savings to pay the negative equity owed on the vehicle, they don't have the option of selling it. If you are one of these people whom I've mentioned, no matter what are your reasons for being cash strapped, We Can Help You!

  • "The first thing I had to do was face my problem, that was the hardest part.As soon as I'd done that,I managed to reduce my debt by $6,044 immediately....Once again thanks...Jack, (Yishun Close)"