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We provide free, simple debt advice to anyone in need.

While we have grown significantly since our inception in 2004, our mission has remained consistent – to assist people in becoming debt-free by providing clear, honest advice and debt solutions that work.

When you come to us for debt advice, we will show you all the different debt solutions available so that you have a clear understanding of what your options are and how each one can help you. We can also advise you on what the best solution for your specific situation, as well as any other options that may be available to you.

If you prefer, we can put up a debt solution that fixes your situation, reduces your monthly payment and allows you to live your life the way it should be: debt-free.

You know, you can simply come to us for advice about how to best manage your debts. If you’re looking for some trustworthy debt advice, our counselling is free and no obligations.

We Analyze Your Financial Situation

We Provide Personalized Options Based On What Is Best For You

We Eliminate creditor harassment

Teamwork is the key to success

You will be listened to with respect, compassion and empathy, whenever you speak to one of our debt counsellors. It makes no difference how much debt you have or what your situation is; falling into debt is something that can occur to anyone and anytime in life, and our counsellors will never judge you for it.

Our counsellors are excellent listeners and knowledgeable. Every week, they assist many clients in regaining control of their finances, get out of debt, and make positive changes in their lives.

We have helped our clients live a life free of the stress and worry that being in debt may bring.

Our Supporters

Helping satisfied clients get out of debt and live happier, more financially secure lives is why the list of people who support our works grows year after year.

Why choose SG Debt Buster?

We can help you change your debt story and start afresh.

Every year, we help over thousand plus people resolve their problems, repay their debts and rebuild their lives. We could do the same for you.

Hear their success stories

Individuals who we've helped since 2004


Million of interest saved by our repayment plan


Business owner who we've helped since 2004


Success rate on cases that we've helped

Our Program Can Assist You


Reduce interest, monthly repayment amount and late fees will be waived


Avoid further legal actions and eliminate creditor harassment.


Improve financial management.


Customise payment to suit your salary date.


Be Debt Free Sooner

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