Debt Management Plan 

Debt Management Plan is a program that helps you to work out an affordable repayment with the banks for your unsecured facilities. Clients taking up our program can be assured of a lower interest rate and waivement of finances charges therefore looking at a lower monthly repayment to fit client’s repayment ability. On top of the lower monthly repayment, you will also see the reduction of the hassles and stress you faced with the consolidation of your accounts for each banks though our program.

During the counseling, our professional counselors will help to evaluate: Examples of unsecured debt or facilities include credit cards, credit lines, banks’ personal loans, collection agencies and department store cards. If you have problems paying your unsecured facilities’ minimum payments, then you need to seek help early. We have helped many over the years; please approach us if you think you need help.

why wait ?

  • The typical person joining our debt management program is severely in debt or is finding it difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with their monthly obligations.

  • "recommended to me from the Human Resource Department of my company. I called them and they explained the whole program to me and was able to set me up on a program that reduced my interest and they were able to stop all the other charges like late fees/over limit fees. I was able to save my credit without filing bankruptcy! See S.C,(Marine Vista)"