Pointers for our clients once embark on our Debt Management program

We definitely hope to provide the most efficient service for you and fulfil our promise in getting you out of debts. However, it is also important that you are aware that your active participation in this program also plays an equally important role in the progress of your own cases.
Specifically, you are required to actively participate by Specifically, you are required to actively participate by

1. Ensuring regular and timely payments to us so that our counsellors are able to execute prompt repayments on your behalf and continue servicing you with any required follow up.

2. Being contactable through email / mobile and ensuring prompt replies of emails / voicemails. Loss of communication will inevitably slow down and hinder client’s progress.

3. Monitoring the monthly statements for any discrepancies and informing us if any.

4. Being open in discussing with the counselor in charge in the event there is any difficulties in making any scheduled payment. Having your interests at heart, our counselors can definitely empathise when you are truly in difficulties and will be able to provide you with options in tiding through tough times.