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(Tuesday, 23 February, 2010)
Hi Jo, I really appreciated the help that you have given me from the day that i engaged your firm's services. I really regretted not going to your firm for consultation earlier on. But better late than never, i finally found the solution to end all the monthly worries, like where to find the extra money to cover up all the accounts. Now, i won't have to struggle hard monthly to find the extra money to pay for all the loans and credit card bills. I wish to say thanks once again.
Thanks. Dawn

(Tuesday, 9 February, 2010)

Dear Christine & the management,
First, I would like to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year.
Second, I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Christine for her support & guidance during my path to achieve a plausible goal to repay my credit card debts in which I have not been able to manage my money well & that my desire in owning branded items has ended up being put up for sale in order to repay the monthly interest that I've incurred over a short period.
Everything started to fall after my end year holiday. Bills after bills cames, follow by reminder & calls... that was just in April 09 & i realised that i can no longer maintain these cards & needed help gravely.
In July 2009. A pure chance came by when i saw a small link of the company in my web account. Curious, i went to check out the website to assure of its credibility before i left my contact in their website. Shortly, I got a follow up call & schedule an appointment the following week.
When i first met Christine, I felt a strong sense of professionalism in her with a hint of style.
At first, she gave me a cold reality in choosing between declaring bankruptcy or disciplining myself to dutiful repay my debts on time for the next 5 - 6 years. It's definitely a wake up call that i needed badly. After the consultation, I decided to go through with her.
As i own quite a number of cards, I guess I have given Christine alot of work to go through, sending out letters to appeal for my debts which i can't help feeling thankful.
Within 4 weeks, 2 of the banks have approved my repayment schemes & the rest follow suit. What really impressed me was when one of the banks sent a letter to my employer, I was shocked & worried if it would affect my employment. The minute i call Christine regarding this matter, she was able to advise me on what to say to the bank with calm & assurance.
Everything was finally put into place in November 2009 & I have since greatly adjust my lifestyle. It has not been easy but I guess its better off than been marked 'Bankrupted'.
If I have never came upon that link, I don't even know where will i be now. so thank you.
Sincerely from,

(Tuesday, 22 December 2009)
Hi Regina,
Here attached is the letter of confirmation from the last bank that had given me so much pain and heartache... Or was I too emotional...? Hahaha...
Once again, THANK YOU Regina for your great help. I just couldn't imagine what would have happened to me by now if I had not met you and gotten you and the company to help. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such great confidence and trust that things will work out as planned eventually. I'm so motivated to finish off all my debts... Hehehe... My fiancee and I had decided to use both our bonus to clear as much as possible so as to shorten the repayment period... Like what you said, must clear the ones with high interest rate first which is ********...
Thank you my dear... I thank GOD for having met someone with a lot of patience and pleasant like you...

(Thursday, 17 December 2009)
Hi Regina,
I'm happy to inform you that I already recieved the approval from *** regarding to my Term Loan.
They gave me 12% per annum, S$122.34 per month & payable for 5years.
I would like to thank you for all your help & the never ending support and encouragement that you given me. Now everything is okay I can go back to my normal life and no more worries.
More Power to you and your company.

(Thursday, 3 December, 2009)
Dear Christine,
Your letter was well received. Thanks for your patience and advise throughout my entire process to settle all the debts.
Without your help, I would probably have to starve my way through to pay the debts.
On overall, we managed to save almost 10k on interest. =)
I managed my money wisely now. The cash book that you gave me to monitor my spending is very useful!
Note to others: You bump into synthesis website with probably the same reason I had a few months ago. (to clear your credit cards/credit line bills). You have come to the right place. Dont hesitate and make an appt
with Christine now. Her warm natured and experienced will lead you to a debt free road.
Once again, Thanks Christine and all the staff from Synthesis Consultancy. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!
Warm Regards,

(Thursday, 15 October, 2009)
Hi Chris,
I would like to thank you and your company in helping me to settle my debts with the respective banks. Before I got to know there is such a service in Singapore, I was heavily in debt with the banks.
I was hounded by the collections officers from different banks on a daily basis. They don't give me peace at all and kept calling me via my mobile and even my office. My boss even got to know and it nearly affected my job. I was at wits end till I got to know your company. Thanks to the company that they helped me to negotiate with the banks and obtained lower interest and affordable monthly instalments. Although it's gonna take a few years to clear these debts, I'm still grateful for the assistance rendered by yourself and the company.
When I first visited the office, I was embarrassed because I was in heavy debt. But your professionalism shows you don't look down on people like us and assisted me in every way you can. There were times when I kept calling you for assistance and you helped me throughout.
This episode has helped me to better manage my finance in future. Thanks to you!
Best Regards,
Calvyn Tang

(Friday, 14 August, 2009)
Hi Christine,
Just received your letter Debt management program chart once i look at it and i now understand the high interest the bank charge. i could see the very significant difference of the amount of dollars saved. people me like tends to look at short terms gain and short terms to solve the problem. i must say that i have learnt a lot to manage my money now, during the process, when dealing with the bank officer, made me more confident as a person.
This will not happen if i dont seek professional help like u. your firm, confident but gentle in approach, in giving advice to deal in difficult situation is very encouraging.
Well, Chris, most importantly I want to say that i sincerely felt very relieved when all the hard 'bargaining" from the banks, At last was approved. i must say that was the best moment in my life and i really looking forward in coming years to become debt free. once again Christine, BIG THANKS TO YOU.
Yours truly,
Aini bin Maarof. (Jurong West)

(Wednesday, 5 August, 2009)
Hi Ms. Christine,
Thanks so much! Yep sure I WILL! I really Thank GOD for directing my life to the correct way and May GOD Bless the company always and extend more to other people who had the same trials & challenges as mine.
You're Great advisor Ms. Christine....All your Help are GREATLY APPRECIATED! :-) GOD BLESS!
Thanks & Warm Regards,