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23 April 2011
To Whom It may concern
Testimonial for Ms Regina Lim
Regina is a very patient and professional counsellor. Without her I will not be where I am today. I signed up for an appointment in Dec 2009 where I first met Regina who went through in details of the programme. After that session , I was rather hesitant at firstto sign up for the programme. After struggling for a year, my problem snowballed to more than half the initial amount. Finally I took up the courage and signed up again for a second appointment in Dec 2010 .
Regina was very patient with me as I was under extreme pressure and stress at that time with a huge debt with 7 banks.She took pains to stand by me to appproach one bank after another. Some through fax correspondance that Regina helped to prepare and follow up , some through emails and some through phone calls that she helped to guide me through, ever ready to render a shoulder to cry on in times of destress or encouragement whenever I am on the verge of giving up.
I started my programme with Regina in Jan 2011 and today after working hard for 4 months, I finally managed to get approvals from all 7 banks for debt relief programme and at a much much lower interest rate with the great help and support from Regina. She gave me many timely and good advices on how to approach the banks. I felt at ease with her as she is always there to give advise in my grey days!
I am truly grateful to Regina and am looking forward to the years to come for a debt free life!
Yours truly,
Eileen Cha

14 Jan 2011
Hi Regina,
Enclosed are the 2 letters from Citibank and UOB on the repayment plan for your reference.
With this, I will just have to concentrate to pay all the outstanding payment for all Citibank, UOB & Std Chtd based on the stipulated monthly date till I complete my full settlement. However, if I do manage to settle earlier, I will just keep you posted for your record.
If you do not mind, I will still call you to seek your expert advice if I need your help down the road.
I could not have done this without your help. Thanks for all the great help, patience and advice. It is really a blessing that I discover your service.
Will keep in touch with you in future, this time to give you good news that I have settled all my outstanding with all the 3 banks !!
Thanks a million again.

Hi Jo,
Kudos for making this happen!
I never regretted choosing you guys and will surely recommend to others if they need help, as I am confident that the company can bring smiles to them.
Nice knowing you as well as the rest in the company.
I hereby wish the company every success for the new year, and more years to come.
With much gratitude,
Edmond Lee

26 Dec 2010

Attn: Jo Jo
Dear Jo
Season Greetings.
This thank you letter had been delayed since first week of December as I had decided , if ever to compliment and gratefully acknowledge your services, I need to be away from work and preferably on leave to compose my thoughts . I am on leave till 28 Dec.
When I first came to you, I was not confident you could settle my problem. However, since my first visit to your office in Aug 2010, you have displayed understanding and confidence , and you continued to display the same despite my numerous calls/ emails to you until settlement about 1 Dec 2010.
At the age 58 years , and my debts with eight credit card accounts amounting $64,014.57 , which I accumulated in the last two years . I struggled to pay the minimum and often telephone calls from banks, at various times during work, demanding to know when my next payment due. My promises to them was not kept and as such, follow up calls from banks. No one knew my predicament , not my wife, nor my closest friend. I lived with it for two- three years.
Since settlement with banks, of course through your persevered intervention with them, my debt was resolved in three months, what I was struggling for three years. I reproduce the following:
Total creditors – 6 but total card accounts – 8.
Minimum payment before consolidation - $4126.80
Minimum payment after consolidation - $1948,00
Monthly savings on Minimum payment- $2,178.80
Monthly salary - $6,000.
Today, since settlement with the banks, I can breathe easier everyday , and my marriage is saved and my embarrassment with my friends is avoided.
I will cherish with gratitude your assurance of comfort provided at any working day, when I call or email to you , and not forgetting your colleagues who always pleasant on the phone.
Finally, I will recommend to those in similar debt situations.
Wish you and your colleagues a "Happy & Prosperous New Year".
Sincerely your s

Hi Christine and Regina,
Thanks a million for taking your valuable time to give counseling, advice and direction. I had suffered for a very period of time "living in hell" and thank God that i read about your website. I really appreciate all your effort. Once again, THANK YOU.
Mohd Din (Jurong)

I am glad that i came to you for help because I really don't know how I could have gone on paying using my entire salary every month, with nothing left to survive on literally! From the very first call that I made seeking help, Jorryn answered my questions on the spot without insisting for a meeting first even though I hadn't signed up at that time, unlike the others whom I approached before you.Along the way, your advise and reassurance gave me the courage to answer the bank calmly and with every bank that gave me an installment plan, I gained confidence that I will get through this dark part of my life. Nobody would have guessed the tremendous stress I was under.
Thanks to you, I am less stressed now and can focus my energy on my family rather than my disastrous finances. I wish for everyone who is in the same situation as me to be able to get help from someone like you. To be able to pass on the heavy burden of debt to some one who can help me make it disappear is a great feeling that i would love to share with others! I look forward to 5 years down the road when I will be leading a debtfreelife!"
Junaidah, 34 (Jurong)

The first thing I had to do was face my problem, that was the hardest part. As soon as I'd done that, I managed to reduce my debt by $6,044 immediately. Every month now, I can see it getting smaller. After so many years of living with debt the end is in sight! Once again thanks.'
Jack 41 (Yishun Close)

I only realized that i needed to do something about my debts with various banks a few months ago and the term Debt Consolidation was totally foreign to me when a friend of mine from overseas urged me to think of it. Evading my responsibility has not been an option to me as a Christian. I confessed to God and I prayed hard for direction. In the middle of one of the nights which I couldn't sleep, I searched online for anywhere I could seek help and advice for Debt Consolidation. The only choice shown to me was Synthesis Consultancy. What was written in their website was very encouraging and positive. But I was still cautious as you never know who and what you could trust from online information. So I prayed and prayed asking God to show me if this was the door He wanted me to go and seek help. Yes, it was.
Of course I could not expect the company to lent me a loan to consolidate my debts. But what I have got from them was the good advice on what to do and what not to do. I have to say that Christine has been very helpful and supportive during the course. She was very friendly and assertive that you would not feel left alone even when you were desperate. This has made my difficult few months so much more easier to past on. I do appreciate the help and advice from them.
With God's reassurance of His love to me, they did help me see the rainbow He has promised at the end of th tunnel. And my advice to you is never allows your debts from credit cards and loans to snowball. If you do have a snowball already on hands, quickly attend to it right away and stop it from rolling bigger and bigger. Such snowball could be so enormous that so fast and so quietly that you could not breathe at all one day all of a sudden."
Grace Chan, 41

I am very glad that all my creditors had offered a debt relief plans and term loan for me to repay off the outstanding sum. Thanks for your help to negotiate with them on my behalf for a reasonable term and lower interest rate. This has greatly reduced my stress and financial burden. Jorryn, Thanks for your professional advice and moral support for the past few months. You are indeed an outstanding Counselor!"
Lee K. S, 33
(Edgefield Plains)

Going to the company was one of the most difficult decision I have ever made in my whole life and it has proven to be the best decision I have ever made. Life is much easier now, I don't feel like I am on the brink of a life of desperation anymore..all thanks to you, Jorryn. From the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful for your helping hand, wise counsel and encouragement. I cannot imagine what life would be if not for the company, and of course you. I will certainly never ever get myself into that kind of situation anymore, it is too horrifying."
Mavis, 38 (Ang Mo Kio)

I was lost and trapped in a huge amount of debt...amounting to almost 50K for 3 credit cards and 5 personal line of credit. The worse of it all was that I was only able to repay the minimum amount each month. This proved to be a very bad solution as the minimum payment amounts to nothing substantial. I was merely paying the interest each month without any major reduction in the principle amount.
This went on for almost 2 years and the situation took a bad turn when a huge amount of unforeseen payments came up...child's hospitalization, etc leads to a big sum of money paid out. This meant that for 2 to 3 months, I could not pay some of the minimum payment which I was paying religiously every month..worse still, with the credit card and cash line account still at my disposal, the temptation to use the credit cards is too hard to resist especially in these months that preceded.
I attended a financial counseling course at church and realized that I have to seek professional help. To be honest, perhaps like you reading this now, I came to Synthesis' website when I googled for help... many times, their name and website or mention in forum pages came up tops of the search listings. But I was still skeptical about them but decided to pay a visit anyway in 1 Aug 2007 after much prayer. My first impression of Christine was probably someone you would associate and who epitomizes the word 'cool'. With, good fashion sense and dyed hair... she was unlike the serious financial counselor or advisors whom I had assumed when I first read about her testimonies from previous clients. But don't judge her for party-goer kind look... she knows her work very very well!
After my visit and a few phone exchanges, I was convinced that Christine knew a hell lot of what she is doing and I was RIGHT in seeking their help. Albeit the turmoil of having multiple phone calls, lawyers letters in letter box and on front door, she was able to advice and clearly articulate how the situation is and will be and how I should react to all these letters and phone calls from Banks and Law firms...that really are like 'loan-sharks'... only difference is that they are legal and I can't call the police. I learnt to Trust Her and God. I find the next 2 months clinging on to her for Hope and Help...especially with each bank-call or letter of rejection of repayment proposal, Christine was able to assure me of the situation and how it will entail and I found myself getting a lot of support in this period where I was even panicky sending numerous emails and calls to her... each time, she did not sound irritated yet was forth-coming in her response and advice. Within 1 month, I was able to see clearer that indeed their help was bearing fruits. All my creditors/banks started to respond more amicable and started to accept and at least negotiate the repayment plans to them. By the 2nd month...all my creditors have responded amicably and accepted my repayment plans (help planned by the company).
Till date, I have reduced my monthly repayment by $386 (which goes a long way to helping my family's monthly expense) and a reduced interest charge of $11,559.86. Most importantly, Christine, was able to help me see to a committed repayment plan to the creditors and I can see clearer now that within 5/6 years, I would have totally paid of my debts, managing a sustainable monthly repayment. If it wasn't for their' help, I will still possibly be paying for nothing and 5 years down, I could still be looking at their testimony page wondering if they are real and still not had paid half of what I owe... Trust me, Go for it. I never regretted and have them to thank for being part of God's Plan in giving Hope for my family's Future. I learnt to Trust God and the company... You should try one of this 2 at least if not both."
Mr. Poh 36 (Bukit Merah)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Christine for her advice and assistance in helping me arrange a repayment plan to settle my debts with Credit Card companies. This arrangement has significantly reduced the interest rates ad monthly repayments for me. I would also like to state that her patience and encouragement to preserver during this trying period for me is greatly appreciated. My heartfelt thanks for helping me overcome the darkest period of my life. For the record, I would like state that I highly recommend Synthesis Consultancy to anyone seeking assistance on debt related matters."
Renuka 48