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28 March 2016
Dear Regina,
thanks for the assistance. I would like to take this opportunity to write a testimonial of your services. In fact before i came to know of debt buster, i was hounded and stressed daily and monthly for the past years trying to cough out payments for all the interests of the loans taken from the legal money lenders and the banks. Just when i thought i have reached a dead end, i got an appointment with you from debt buster. I spend some hours going through with you of all the loans taken and you have guided me patiently with all the necessary options that i could took to get out of this trouble. That is when i saw some light and hopes seriously. I file the necessary documents in high court and now is on track to repay all the loans i have took since years ago. Although i have still some days more to attend my court hearing, i believe future i am able to repay promptly and clear the debts once and for all. Thanks for the wonderful services and despite the fact that i am still oversea working and call you to help in certain issues ie, delay of court hearing or whatever, you still attend to me patiently and wholeheartedly. Thanks for everything. God bless you and your team in helping those necessary people like me whom are in debts badly. I deeply appreciate what you have done for me and I should come to you guys earlier then to borrow outside to cover the holes but instead enlarge it bigger till it could not sustain. I would definitely recommend your service to those that need it sincerely. Once again thanks.

Regards. Terry

2 Jan 2016
Dear Regina,
Thank you for your help and patient though it was not easy at the beginning but ultimately I can move on with an ease as long I make the payment monthly. It was great to know about sgdebtbuster. Wish you & the rest all the best.

Regards, Nor"

4 Feb 2016
Dear Jo,
I would like to thank you for all the help rendered to me during this difficult year. I will definitely recommend and refer other whom is facing any financial difficulties to you.

Wish you have a great coming year.

With lots of thanks,


PS: If you want to use the above as testimonial, please go ahead and use it.

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3 March 2016
Dear Regina,
Thank you and your team for all the advise and update provide for me. Finally I would like to say the war of negotiation with all the bank have come to an end especially with OCBC.

Lastly a really big thank especially for you. Lending me your ear for my nagging, complaints and frustration over the past few months. Giving me lots of your patient advising me along the way to cope with banks. Finally our effort had paid off.

Last but not least, Wishing you and your team with good health and prosperous business for your company. But do keep up the good work and continue to help those who are having difficulties in all type of financial issue.

I will keep in touch with you.

*Also send my thank you message to Jeffery as well.

Mr Lim

13 June 2013
Dear Li Feng,
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your management for all your help you have given me to restructure by debts. I wish i had learnt of you years ago. I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel with a brighter financial future. I wish more people will come tp know you. Once again thanks a lot for your help. Mavis

11 Sept 2012
Hi Regina,
Just want to tell you thanks for everything for helping me these tough times by sending letters and emails, faxing to banks. The most trying and difficult saga is citibank issues. Anyway, all the banks have finally come to a close and I just need to make payment promptly.
I appreciate your help and just hope to move on from here.
Keep in contact.
Take care and God bless too.
Warm regards,

24 September 2012
Hi regina, This is Ariel. Remember? Wanna thank u for all the help.and support that u rendered me during those times that i needed help in applying for BP. Thank u very much!
Truly yours,
Ariel B

1 Mar 2012
Dear Regina,
First of all, i would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your wonderful advise given to me. I did not make a wasted trip down to meet you.
I have consulted the individual banks and they agreed to maintain the status of the Debt Release Program.
Lastly, i really appreciate that you took the time and effort to sent me a letter and follow up with my status, i am really touched by your action. You are a very professional counselor and i am really pleased with the service that you had provided to me.
I will definately refer my friends to you if they are facing some financial problem in the future.
Wishing you and your Family a blessed year ahead.
Thanks & Best Regards,
Lim T

29 November 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,
With regards to the above, I am very happy to inform you that I had received the approval from DBS Bank and CitiBank regarding to my proposal for a Relief Plan.
DBS bank gave me XX% per annum, S$XXX.00 per month & payable for 5years and CitiBank recently had approved me XX% per annum, S$XXX.00 per month for the two accounts & repayable for 5 years.
In fact I was at wits end till I got to know your Company ‘Synthesis’ from “The New Paper”. Thanks to Synthesis for helping me to negotiate with the banks and obtained lower interest and affordable monthly installments. Although it's going to take a few years to clear these debts, I'm still grateful for the assistance rendered by your company.
I would like to THANKS Miss LiFeng for her great help. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to me by now if I had not met her and got her and the company to help. There were at times when I kept calling her for assistance and she helped me throughout. I sincerely thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me such great confidence and trust that things will work out as planned eventually.
Your company good service is highly appreciated and will recommend to friends. Rgds YEOH XX XXX S XXXXXXXH

Their one on one counselling program is great! In a world of dishonest people that will do anything to earn a dollar, it was a great relief to deal with a company that earned my trust from the get-go, which is not an easy feat. I highly recommend them!"
Kelly Ng, (Bedok North)

I was previously with another company for 7 months. During that time I had repeated phone calls from my creditors stating that they were not getting their payments in time. I made the payments to that company on time. Why were they not paying my bills? My balance actually went up from late fees and other charges. After talking with one of my creditors, she recommended Synthesis. After a few phone calls to one of their counselors, they helped me straighten out the mess that was previously made, and 9 months later, still no problems."
Dave Teo, (Pasir Ris)

After a bad divorce, and a bad car accident, I was struggling to pay the bills. I had just enough money each week to pay the minimums on the large credit card balances leaving me no money to live. I thought I was prepared for times like these, but I thought wrong. This company was recommended to me from the Human Resource Department of my company. I called them and they explained the whole program to me and was able to set me up on a program that reduced my interest and they were able to stop all the other charges like late fees/over limit fees. I was able to save my credit without filing bankruptcy!"
See S.C, (Marine Vista)

On behalf of my husband and myself, we just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the years. From our first contact until our final payment, everyone has always been extremely helpful and very pleasant. Our questions and concerns were always handled in a timely and efficient manner. The past five and a half years had its moments, and it wasn’t always easy to come up with the monthly payments, but even then, you all were there and helped us. Credit counselling worked for us, but it wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for people like you. Again, many thanks to all who were involved with us, and God bless each and everyone of you. Thank you."
Alexia Lim, (Kakit Bukit)