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3rd Aug 2019
Dear Regina,
We just received the attached document regarding the discharge certificate. What is the next step we should do ? By the way, is TXXXXXXy still need to pay for the $200 to IPTO for this month since the discharge end 30 July 2019. Is this case, we do not need to report OA about travelling and submit statement for every year to OA as well? Praise the Lord, everything is over. We are free now Thanks for your help and all the way support.

Have a nice weekend Can you reply the email to : because we might want to terminate to save cost. Thanks and God Bless You and Jo Jo

12 Mar Jan 2019
Dear Regina,
I like to thank you very much for all the help, along the way. guiding me every steps. Teaching me what to say to the IO. Finally I can sleep peacefully , no doubt the debt will be paid off gradually.Thankfully I found Debt Buster on FB. Otherwise I would have had sleepless night, and also thinking of ending it. I'm sorry I took a long time to respond or update you.Thank u very much again. God Bless ur company. By the way I seen u an attachment given by the IO.

YOURS SINCERELY Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx

15 Dec 2019
Dear Jo and Regina
I could never let 2018 passes by without drafting this letter specially to both of you. I must say that 2018 is the most terrible year I ever had in life. Although I couldn’t erase those months of nightmares and full of frustrations out of my mind, I still have SG DebtBuster to rely on for comfort. I couldn’t imagine life at that period without the help of you both. One thing for sure at the end of those painful and mind-boggling months, it was such a great relief. The fear, trauma to answer calls and sleepless nights suddenly disappeared with the commencement of DRS. All thanks to both of you!

Indeed, this is my first month of the year enjoying the peace and free from burden that almost drive me insane. No call, no email and no letter of reminder. There’s no word to describe my feelings. All I can say, I can smile better now and don’t even want to look back at the ugly phase in my life. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for all your patience, guidance and most importantly bringing me out from the dreadful situation to a comfortable level where I am now. This solution to my dreadful situation can never be resolve without you showing the way and assisting me throughout my journey to achieving DRS. At least I can just focus to settle my debt with one liaising party and still can save some from my pay compared to none before this. May you and SG DebtBuster continue doing this great job of helping those who are trap in a situation like me. Also, may you continue to give support and strive to serve the clients to your utmost ability and knowledge. Thank you Jo, Regina and SG Debtbuster.

Thank you very much,

Regards Mxxxx Oxxxxx

20 June 2019
Dear Regina,
I have transferred $xxx to DB. Thank you so much for granting me the extension to make payment to you. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much for also helping me through my debt repayment programme.

Lots of thank you. Sxxxxxxxx

14 Aug 2018
Dear Regina,
I should be Thankfull to you. You made my life smooth sailing. I was terrified with calls from banks and almost lost everything. You have helped me to get new life I will be grateful to Thank you and God bless you...............Raxxx


12 June 2018
Hi Regina,
A piece of good news, Ranxxxx has found a job, he’s back with his previous company Sxxxxxx. Timing couldn’t be any better. Thank you for all the help rendered to us when we’re at a difficult stage, things seem to be looking up :) Best Regards Mxxxxx Lim

27 Dec 2018
Year 2018 is coming to an end. At the beginning of the year, my life was a mess with lots of issues with many money-lenders. Though they are all from the legal ones but when comes to late payment they are just like the illegal ones like I've heard before. I was at a total lost when I came across your company, SG DebtBuster. I read through the reviews of your company and was a bit hesitate due to shame to come down to your office to seek help and assistance. But for the love of my family, I pushed myself hard to overcome the shame and pay you a visit after having a short conversation with Ms Jojo. During my first interview, Ms Jojo was very patience and attentive hearing my problem out from how it started and come to this miserable stage. She even coax and calm me down when i lost my words. Ms Jojo really did a great job in explaining to me the procedures of the assistances that I will be getting from your company. Her explanation that there are others whose in even serious issues and are now in the process of recovery. Her words of confident that my issues can be solve with proper management, guidances and discipline in making the instalment plan repayment makes me feels very assured that I've come to the right place to seek for assistance and help. After getting all necessary documents and informations, my second interview was with you. Like Ms Jojo, you too are of a great help to me. Your patience and attentiveness hearing my problem really gives me the confidence to voice out my problem without feeling unwanted. Your guidance through the process for my Debt Repayment Scheme's application is excellent not forgetting your other male colleague too who assisted me during my time at the Court for the submission of my DRS application. Your drafted plan for my application and explanation was very straight forward and easy

to understand. Even while in the process for the DRS application, you rendered me your assistances when any money-lenders come to my house for harassment. Also to some nasty and unreasonable money-lenders, you've also guided me to the extend of writing to them on my behalf explaining my status in applying for the DRS Scheme and making the repayment to all the other money-lenders. For the more nasty money-lenders, you've even assisted me to write to OA to seek help on the matter. You guided me on how to handle the matters with diligence, patience and professionalism. It's really a great help from you. Your assurance to guide me until I succeeded in the DRS application is beyond words. With your diligence team guidance, I finally succeeded in the DRS application. Though I've succeeded in my DRS application, you assured me that you will be guiding me until I completed my DRS Scheme and become a debtfree person. Year 2018 is coming to an end and so are my money-lenders matters. With the success of my DRS application, I receive no more harassment. All my problems related to money-lenders is now a history in year 2018. I entered year 2018 with lots of mess relating to the money-lenders matters. With your help I'm going to enter year 2019 with a peace of mind. Now I'm on the road of my repayment plan under DRS Scheme. I would like to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You to you and your whole team of SG DebtBuster for your help and guidances render to me. I wish for you and your team a wonderful years ahead in this profession in helping people like me. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who seek help with matters like mine.

Thank you again and Happy New Year 2019 Best regards Axxxx xxxxx x Ibrahim

Note: If you want to use my email as a review for your company, I'm gladly allow it but please do blanco my name and use other nickname.

2 Oct 2018

Good Moring Regina,
Good Morning Regina, Couldn't wait to let you know of the good news I received via post yesterday evening. Please find attached. I will call you in a short while. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout this journey. Kind Regards, Gxxxxx Axxxx 9xxxxxxx

29 November 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,
With regards to the above, I am very happy to inform you that I had received the approval from DBS Bank and CitiBank regarding to my proposal for a Relief Plan.
DBS bank gave me XX% per annum, S$XXX.00 per month & payable for 5years and CitiBank recently had approved me XX% per annum, S$XXX.00 per month for the two accounts & repayable for 5 years.
In fact I was at wits end till I got to know your Company ‘Synthesis’ from “The New Paper”. Thanks to Synthesis for helping me to negotiate with the banks and obtained lower interest and affordable monthly installments. Although it's going to take a few years to clear these debts, I'm still grateful for the assistance rendered by your company.
I would like to THANKS Miss LiFeng for her great help. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to me by now if I had not met her and got her and the company to help. There were at times when I kept calling her for assistance and she helped me throughout. I sincerely thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me such great confidence and trust that things will work out as planned eventually.

Your company good service is highly appreciated and will recommend to friends.


Hi Regina,

First of all I must thank you for helping and guiding me through this episode. Seriously without you and Jojo I will not be able to pick myself up and survive. This route really gave me a lifeline. A thousand thxs to both of you.

May god blessed you both.

Regards Kxxxx Cxxxx and family.

5th Oct 2017

Hi Regina,

First of all let me thank u for ur support. Atleast i now have a direction to follow. Attached are the documents.

Regards, Dxxxxxx

5th Jun 2017

Hi Regina,

I've already met the OA yesterday and signed. 
I would like to thank to you and team for the great work to ease by burden of debts and also your guide thru out the process. Now I feel slightly relief cos I'm able to consolidate all my debts and pay by installment thru this scheme (DRS). 

Thank you once again. Will keep in touch with you again.

Warmest regards

ps. kindly refer to the attachment.

6th Jul 2017

On behalf of my husband and myself, we just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the years. From our first contact until our final payment, everyone has always been extremely helpful and very pleasant. Our questions and concerns were always handled in a timely and efficient manner. The past five and a half years had its moments, and it wasn’t always easy to come up with the monthly payments, but even then, you all were there and helped us. Credit counselling worked for us, but it wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for people like you. Again, many thanks to all who were involved with us, and God bless each and everyone of you. Thank you."
Alexia Lim, (Kakit Bukit)